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  • Top Four Reasons Why You Should Trade with a Proprietary Trading Program

    There has been a recent trend in the past few years of forex traders moving away from traditional trading with brokers and towards independently trading at forex proprietary shops. This basically means that they can put some of their own money into a deposit, and then get help with funding…

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  • 5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Demo Trading Contest

    The forex demo trading contest is all about having fun while at the same time improving your trading skills and being able to go for every opportunity to win. While you are trading with other forex traders for the grand prize, it is worthwhile noting that you have to lose…

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  • Four Popular Cryptocurrencies to Trade

    Cryptocurrencies Overview Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (known in short as cryptos) are virtual currencies that typically use a decentralised network and allow secure financial transactions. At LeoPrime, you can trade crypto by speculating on their price movements, without actually owning the cryptocurrencies. Like the US dollar, cryptocurrency has no fundamental…

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  • What is a Bitcoin Broker?

    It goes without saying that trading with various cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular worldwide. This has been largely thanks to the myriad of advantages the industry offers to investors, such as providing safe and secure transactions. As a result, now there are many available crypto brokers and “crypto robots platforms”,…

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  • How Does Bitcoin Trading Work?

    Interestingly enough, out of all the cryptocurrencies that are available for trading on the market, Bitcoin has perhaps evolved the most, and is perhaps one of the most popular forex trading investments available. If you are looking to see if you can become rich quickly, then you should not be in forex…

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  • Leoprime’s previous winners and their success strategies

    In this blog, some of our past contest winners talk about their experience in LeoPrime's trading contests and share some valuable tips and trading strategies. Fortune-legacy - February, 2018 Name: Dylan O’Brien From: Adrar, Algeria Ranked: Second Pairs traded: EUR/USD Years of experience: More than five years Awarded: USD$2,000 My…

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We are a forex and commodities intermediary that accommodates wide-ranging trading services to create the most user-friendly trading environment for both retail and institutional clientele. With years of gathered expertise as experience, we are not just invested in keeping up with the latest but also in generating custom solutions that are executable swiftly. Discover and flourish in our business model that has evolved to meet the skills of ace and naïve of a tyro with equal proficiency. If you’re looking to make the choice, then wait no further.