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Leoprime’s previous winners and their success strategies

Leoprime’s previous winners and their success strategies

In this blog, some of our past contest winners talk about their experience in LeoPrime’s trading contests and share some valuable tips and trading strategies.

Fortune-legacy – February, 2018

Name: Dylan O’Brien

From: Adrar, Algeria

Ranked: Second

Pairs traded: EUR/USD

Years of experience: More than five years

Awarded: USD$2,000

My strategy was that I always preferred using the price action approach. I did this by trading around two sessions everyday, with one session focused on the US market and another session focusing on the European market (the Euro specifically). The key advice that I would give to anyone starting out in forex trading would be to have a risk analysis because it will always help

Demo Arena – March, 2018Name: Carl Gabriel

From: Manila, Philippines

Ranked: Second

Pairs traded: Chose ones which always had the lowest spread

Years of experience: More than three years

Awarded: USD$500

I never gave up because I knew that sometimes markets broke out of a range, moving below the support or above the resistance to start a trend. Therefore, following the trend of the markets was the key focus of most of my strategy. While some traders may find success doing trading all the time, I actually only traded once a day. With that in mind, my advice would be to do lots of practice with a demo account then go for trading using a live account and be focused.

Trade-all-in-one-Forex Cryptos – May, 2018 Name: Elena

From: Sofia, Bulgaria

Ranked: Second

Pairs traded: GBP/USD and the GBP/JPY pairs

Years of experience: More than a year and a half

Awarded: USD$750

My key approach to success was to carry out a counter-trend strategy, which means I focused on the market trends. This gave me a lot of confidence about forex trading. I tended to trade whenever I saw a breakout on my levels, and the final piece of advice I would give is to go with an ECN account instead of a classic account as that (for me at least!) gives higher gains.

Demo Arena Contest – June, 2018 Name: John Martin

From: Nairobi, Kenya

Ranked: First

Pairs traded: EUR/CAD

Years of experience: More than three years

Awarded: USD$1,200

My strategy for this contest was to use indicators to find out the right trends to trade in forex, and I only traded according to my own judgement and thought process rather than using any particular advice. Fro my own success, I wouldn’t spend too much on buying indicators from the market because you can get them online for free!

Demo Arena Contest – August, 2018Name: James Crystal

From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ranked: Second

Pairs traded: USD/ZAR, and USD/MXN

Years of experience: More than two years

Awarded: USD$555

My strategic approach for success was to trade with exotic pairs, and I did not trade according to what happens in the news but used my own judgement. One of the key parts of my success is that I always take 1-3% of risk on every trade, and this is the final bit of advice I would give to anyone wanting to be successful in the demo contest.

Demo Arena Contest – September, 2018Name: Valerie

From: Singapore

Ranked: Third

Pairs traded: EUR/JPY

Years of experience: More than four years

Awarded: USD$750

I am a massive fan of the ‘Japanese candlestick’ pattern of trading, and this strategy has worked wonders for me. Because of using this strategy, I traded for this demo using the Tokyo session because I was concentrated more on the Yen, which gave me low risks when trading. I would say to any forex trader that they should not be greedy on making money and that they need to be patient!.

Demo Arena Contest – October, 2018

Name: Javier

From: Singapore

Ranked: Second

Pairs traded: All the USD pairs

Years of experience:More than three years
Awarded: USD$2,500

I don’t have any particular technical strategy, but I always take the advice from experts when it comes to planning how I trade effectively. I don’t trade at any certain time but I trade whenever I feel that I could get a good result! One key advice I would give to people from my own experience would be to always use a proper stop loss for the trades that you do

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