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What is a Bitcoin Broker?

What is a Bitcoin Broker?

It goes without saying that trading with various cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular worldwide. This has been largely thanks to the myriad of advantages the industry offers to investors, such as providing safe and secure transactions.

As a result, now there are many available crypto brokers and “crypto robots platforms”, as they are sometimes known, who offer different services to traders. It is worth nothing that when it comes to Bitcoin – and mostly it is just Bitcoin and not any other cryptocurrency – is how not everyone uses a regular exchange to trade with cryptocurrencies. So, most recently, despite nearly every country having its own Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, crypto brokers have become very popular. Why? There are a number of valid reasons.

Brokers Provide More Access

Crypto brokers provide more convenient access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and their services can be quite invaluable and personalised. Let’s a step back and see why this is.

When it comes to buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the first thing that the vast majority of people do is sign up for an exchange – it’s just second nature for traders. Exchanges serve customers globally, and often support multiple trading currencies. But by providing a more personalised service, crypto brokers can be a convenient and trustworthy source of access to your cryptos.

Get Honest Prices

Perhaps most importantly, a crypto broker provides prices that are less subject to price volatility. This helps a lot because when a trader is using an exchange, they have to wait for other traders to match their buy or sell orders. This can cause a lot of time.

A crypto broker, however, will sell or buy crypto at a fixed price – especially if the traders are looking to buy a small amount of crypto. This may not necessarily be a cheaper option, but you get what you pay for, and quality is an aspect of trading in cryptos (broker commissions are often between 5% and 10%).

Save Time

Crypto brokers save a hell of a lot of time as opposed to an exchange. It is no wonder why crypto brokers are often referred to as over the counter (OTC) trading services because they provide instant services.

This can be very useful for new traders that are looking to enter the world of crypto and want to trade quickly rather than go through the long verification processes which can be quite frustrating, and can often take days, if not weeks to complete. Such unnecessary delays can often result in traders giving up and not purchasing cryptocurrency in the end. So, in those respects, using a crypto trader is very helpful.

In the end, traders who want to buy cryptocurrencies quickly and in a convenient manner are often better off using a broker compared to an exchange.

Brokers Accept Global Payments
It would be somewhat of a welcome news that the vast majority of crypto brokers support additional payment methods, including credit and debit cards.

So, go ahead and try using a crypto broker and see the difference it makes to your crypto trading!

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