5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Demo Trading Contest

The forex demo trading contest is all about having fun while at the same time improving your trading skills and being able to go for every opportunity to win. While you are trading with other forex traders for the grand prize, it is worthwhile noting that you have to lose and everything to win for.

Technical Analysis

This blog will focus on topics that are connected with technical analysis and will aim to explore the advantages of doing technical analysis. 

Forex Trading Platform

Forex trading platforms are often used in conjunction with equity trading platforms for avid market day traders. LeoPrime offers a wide variety of currency trading platform solutions for you.

How to Read an Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is one of the most important trading tools that every forex trader should be using on a daily basis and have their finger on the pulse all the time. The Forex economic calendar details upcoming economic releases, speeches, interest rate meetings, and much more. Economic calendars operate on a much shorter timescale and they are generally released every hour or so.

Effective Ways to Use a LeoPrime No Deposit Bonus

Irrespective if you are new to trading or not, taking advantage of a No Deposit Bonus is an excellent way to test out the services provided by an online forex broker, such as LeoPrime.

Successfully Using the LeoPrime Demo Account to Your Advantage

Irrespective if you are new to trading or not, opening a demo account is an excellent way to test out the services provided by an online forex broker, such as LeoPrime. It is quite easy and basically involves putting in an initial deposit of US$50. At LeoPrime, we understand that sometimes people need to build trust and loyalty with the company, and opening a demo account is one way of doing that.

5 Tips to Improving your Trading Decisions

There is a tendency for forex traders to think that everything will be perfect. You will get up every morning and hope that the gods will smile on you and you will gain positive results from the majority of your trading. Sadly, of course, it doesn’t always go well like this.

3 Strategies for Trading Forex News

With the world going through the fourth industrial revolution, namely the digital transformation revolution, these are indeed exciting times when it comes to forex trading because the volatility rates are quite high.

Forex Trading: Five Habits That Drive Continuous Improvement

So, you want to be a forex trader - not any other forex trader but a successful one. So, how do you do it? We all know that there are certain things that drive some people to do something, so what drives successful forex traders to become good at what they do? Are there are any set habits that they stick to? If so, then what are they? Well, the team here at LeoPrime have come up with five habits that successful forex traders stick to. Check them out!

Four Types of Forex Traders

Minus all the stereotypes, it is sometimes difficult to think that forex traders are boring geeks that sit in front of their Bloomberg Terminals all day long, munching away junk food, drinking copious mugs of freshly brewed coffee or Coca-Cola and become millionaires by the age of 35.

Well, not exactly. It may surprise you that there are only four types of forex traders, and in terms of a brand persona, I wouldn’t be able to label a certain personality to a forex trader at all, and forex trading by all means can be a lucrative way of making money if you know how to do it.